Trucks and vehicles that can tow have ratings on what they can and cannot tow. Since they can only haul a certain amount of weight before they begin to damage the tow vehicle, knowing these are crucial so you don’t overload the vehicle. Failing to stick to these rules will result in damage to the following-

  1. Suspension
  2. Brakes
  3. Frame
  4. Transmission
  5. Tires

Before towing, ensure you read the regulations which come with your vehicle. Should you have misplaced or lost it, find the towing ratings online.

Not Adjusting the Brakes
This, however, doesn’t mean you need your mechanic to tighten the brakes, but the breaking pattern has to be adjusted when towing. The extra weight from the other vehicle will result in your vehicle gaining extra momentum. That extra momentum means it will take more time to decrease your speed. Some drivers forget about this and carry on breaking at the same distance they usually would. Failing to give extra time to stop endangers yourself and other road users.

Some trailers come with a separate breaking system. Trailer brakes improve control and stop a trailer should it get separated from the towing vehicle. Ensure you consult your local emergency towing service laws to see what rules apply to you.


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