Sometimes, you may need to have your car towed by a professional towing service for simple reasons like a cross country move. However, normally car towing is a more frustrating experience. It does happen to the best of us, you did not read some sign, parked in the wrong place, only to come back later to find your car gone. Or you are stranded in the middle of nowhere with a vehicle which has broken down and had to call for a professional towing service to come and rescue you.

Basically, as long as there have been vehicles, there has been a need for towing. In earlier days, when the roads were much worse, and GPS had not even been thought about, what ensued was madness. People didn’t understand how their cars worked, so maintenance was not even thought about, which meant more vehicles were stranded on lonely stretches of road, or drivers lost control and had an accident. In these days before AAA, you had to use horses or several strong men to tow your vehicle away. Luckily, especially for the poor the horses, the tow truck was thought of.

So I hear you ask with some frustration, what is the most commonly towed vehicle? Why, the one you are sitting in of course.


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