Reasons Why a Local Towing Service Would Take Your Car

The phrase “double parked” is used to refer to several different parking methods, most of which are illegal and will result in calling a local towing service. In the same sense of illegal parking, double parking is obstructive and irritating and a source of frustration in most built up areas. In the legal sense, double parking is a good way to store cars in public lots and can be used to fit many number of cars into a small area, which is practical in car heavy place.

Most people will think of cars that are illegally parked when they see double parking. In the most pernicious sense, double parking means parallel parking two cars next to one another so that all or part of the vehicle is on the road. In very congested cities, double parking is a serious problem due to the fact it obstructs the traffic flow.

This term can also refer to vehicles that take up multiple parking places, which disrupts the order of parking on a street. Since many parking places are marked with lines, it should not be difficult for drivers to park their vehicles correctly; however, some do double park out of sheer laziness or to protect their cars from damage.

In some states, when a vehicle is double parked, a local towing service will be called to tow the car to the nearest impound where the owner will have to produce the documents to prove ownership, then pay some cases a hefty fine in order to get their car back. However, this is not just reserved for double parking, the same can be said with handicapped zones and areas where cars are not permitted to park unless they have a zone sticker allowing them to.

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