Will a Towing Service Have a Vehicle Dolly?

Vehicle dollies are sometimes used by a towing service to aid them with moving vehicles from one place to another. They can be used on cars, motorbikes, boats, and other heavy items. Car rental agencies use these to transport their vehicles from one location to the other, all without putting mileage or wear and tear to their rentals. Motor homes also use vehicle dollies to tow a vehicle while travelling.

There are two kinds of vehicle dollies, caster and tow style. Caster dollies are placed under each of a car’s tires. Since dollies can be used on different vehicles, they come in a variety of sizes. Caster dollies come with big casters that can move 1,500 pounds or more. Specialised ball bearing, caster style dollies can carry 3,000 to 6,000 pounds.

tow truck companyCaster vehicle dollies are created from heavy duty steel being able to withstand the weight of a vehicle being carried, plus the pressure on them while moving the car. Despite their size and durability, caster vehicle dollies ensure it is possible to move a vehicle through tight places that a vehicle would normally fit through.

Tow dollies are manufactured to attach to another car. They closely resemble a rolling cart, giving mobility when the car is switched off. These dollies are used by a towing service to tow automobiles, garden tractors, and even snowmobiles. Traditionally, vehicle dollies have two wheels with a platform and ramps. The tow vehicle dolly still gets used today, however, newer styles are available that have swivel plates guaranteeing a smoother towing experience.

Vehicle dollies come with or without a braking system. Careful consideration has to be made when deciding whether or not to buy a vehicle dolly that comes with a braking system. Should one be bought without a braking system, it is expensive adding one later on.

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