What Are the Towing Service Laws in California?

With the exception of waiting for roadside assistance, towing service laws need to be paid serious attention to because they can help make the difference in cases between getting your car towed and it remaining in place. Due to the fact that California towing service laws are unique in comparison to many other states, it is wise to review these laws, especially if you plan to drive in this state. This can help to save a lot of money, not to mention time and effort. Below is just a brief overview of tow truck rules in the state of California.

Private Property Laws

In California, it is legal for a property owner to have a car towed on their property without asking for permission. This means that if your car is parked on someone else’s property, a towing service can be called to tow it away without a warning. This is not the case with cars that are not working correctly. If a vehicle broke down on someone else’s property that has no engine, motor, wheels or other parts that are needed to drive it, the owner has to wait for 24 hours before contacting the police of their intent to get the car towed away.

Fee Restrictions

California state law also prevents any towing service from charging more than a day’s worth of storage for a car, provided the car is reclaimed within 24 hours of the towing. This is put in place to help make sure you don’t need to pay more to claim your car from a towing service than you need to. If you find you’re getting charged for more than a day’s storage and you reclaim the vehicle well within the allotted time frame, you should report the towing service to the local police immediately.

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