Roadside Assistance and Towing Service Tips for Fast Service

It’s surprising how many people drive cars they know so little about and can’t even provide basic information on when looking for an emergency roadside assistance and towing service. We travel every day but sometimes have difficulty when asked to name streets, towns, and counties in which we’ve broken down in. Add stress into the equation, and you’ve got double trouble.

Here are some tips to get fast and smooth roadside assistance and towing service.

Get your membership information to hand.¬†Provide your number to the provider. Regularly check your bag for your card with the membership number. If you’ve lost it, get it replaced. Have the representative give the number over the phone, write it down and carry it with you until you get your replacement one. Be prepared to give other information should you not have your membership number, such as your name, address, and contact number.

Also, have the car information ready. Being able to provide the following things before calling can make all the difference, such as the year, make, and model, license plate and the state which it is registered in if the car is a 2 or 4-door, and the color.

Know your location.¬†Give as much location information as possible to enable the service to pinpoint you. For streets, provide an address that shows your location. The next best thing is to offer the street, plus two cross streets that border it. On highways, it’s best to give the highway’s name, which direction you’re travelling in, the exits you maybe between, and any mile markers.

Also, it is helpful to know the county you’re located in. Should you be at a shopping mall, provide its name, and the store your vehicle is in front.

Towing. Be ready to provide the towing destination, include the name of the place, for instance a dealer or mechanic, address, and city. Inform the representative if your car is a 2 or 4-wheel drive. Certain cars need flat bed towing. If your car needs this for reasons other than the kind of wheel drive, supply this information before your service dispatches the tow truck.

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