When Will a Towing Service Use a Double Axle Trailer?

A double axle trailer is a kind of tow behind platform which has two axles with four wheels mounted on them. The purpose of this is to permit the user or towing service to tow heavy objects or several items behind the towing vehicle securely and safely. The trailer will feature two axles for extra strength and stability; that means these trailers are normally used for larger amounts of items or heavy objects such as cars. Single axle trailers are smaller in size and are cheaper to purchase.

Towing serviceThe design of a double axle trailer does vary a lot, but two kinds are in service today, an enclosed and open air one. An enclosed double axle trailer has walls and a ceiling which allow items to be placed inside and protected from such things as the weather or theft. An open air trailer has none of these, but instead has low railings and a gate at the rear. The rest of the trailer is exposed to the weather. People that often transport motorcycles or other kinds of vehicles sometimes chose an enclosed trailer, this is due to the fact it protects its cargo from the elements and prevents debris or other kinds of damaging items in transit.

The trailer connects to the towing service vehicle via the tow hitch and receiver mechanism. The vehicle doing the towing comes with a receiver, and the trailer will have a hitch that works in combination with the receiver. In many cases, it could be necessary to attach electrical wires running from the towing vehicle to the double axle trailer to ensure things like brake lights to work. This has to be done by law in order for the trailer to be legal in most regions. Larger trailers could be outfitted with a braking system of their own, and they will work when the towing vehicle’s brakes are pressed.

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