Can a Roadside Assistance Company Take Your Car Without Your Consent?

Having your vehicle towed usually happens because of one of two things, you called to have it towed, or you were towed without your consent.

Consensual towing is where someone who is driving a vehicle initiates the tow. You are the one to decide when your vehicle is towed, where it should be taken, and by which company.

Many drivers have some sort of roadside assistance, either via their insurance, Cell Phone Company, membership to an auto club, or from buying a new car. Wherever you got it from, have all the information available so you can find it when you most needed. Check out the company offering the plan with your Better Business Bureau, and the tow company they work with.

The easiest way to deal with non-consensual towing is to avoid it. Think what the likelihood is before leaving the house that you will need your car towed.

If you see your car about to be towed away from private a property, ask the driver to stop or release your car, should they still be on the property. Should the driver refuse, do not stand in their way or otherwise, interfere with the tow. Take a picture, and call the police to help you.

The first thing to do should you find your car missing is look for any warning signs to show the possibility your car being towed away. These signs will show a number you may call for information.  If there is no number, call the local police or the Sheriff’s department. They will help to determine if your car was towed or if it was stolen.

Once you are ascertain that your car has been towed, call the towing company immediately and inquire about the Towing Fees. The company is required to supply this and will specify your rights and the fees you have to pay. It is advisable that you never leave the house without having the number of a reputable roadside assistance firm, after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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