When Will a Local Towing Service Need to Use a Heavy Equipment Trailer?

A heavy equipment trailer is a vehicle which is towed behind a powered vehicle with the primary intent of transporting heavy pieces of equipment. These trailers are normally very large and could require specialist equipment which permits the user to connect a trailer to the towing vehicle. The design of a heavy equipment trailer varies. depending upon what it was created to haul. For instance, car haulers which are made to transport multiple vehicles at one time, so the trailer will come with moveable ramps and other parts which allow the user to drive the cars on the trailer and then secure them in position.

Other heavy equipment models could feature ramps which allows vehicles to be driven straight onto a flat bed. The ramps then fold up onto the trailer when not being used. Another design could allow a vehicle to be driven onto a flatbed without the use of ramps. The heavy equipment trailer, should this be the case, will come with an hydraulic lift which tilts the bed of the trailer until it reaches the ground. A vehicle can then be driven onto the trailer and lifted into position. Sometimes a winch is required to make this transition between the floor and the trailer bed.

It is likely the trailer will come with two or more axles and multiple wheels to support the weight of the equipment that is getting transported. A heavy equipment trailer is designed for bigger loads, this means the bed will be wider, which means the axles will also be wider. Each axle comes with four wheels instead of the traditional two for extra stability. The trailer’s frame will be made from high grade steel which is durable enough to withstand any damage as a result of the equipment’s weight.

Connecting a trailer to a local towing service vehicle is done in several different ways, each depending upon the kind of towing vehicle that is getting used. Smaller trailers normally connect to a local towing service vehicle with the aid of a tow hitch and receiver. Bigger trailers could need a special goose neck system.

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