How to Get a Job with a Towing Service

In many cases, education is not needed to work for a towing service, although an individual that has a high school diploma or the like is more likely to be hired than people that don’t have one. You will be required to take all the certification exams, and you will need to have a commercial driver’s license. The first thing you need to do to become a tow truck operator is to be familiar with the types of tow trucks and their functions. You might need to think about apprenticing with a towing service to obtain this knowledge.

Having the basics on towing and the trucks will aid you to becoming a tow truck operator quicker because you are more valuable to a towing service that may hire you and help you get all the required certificates and driver’s license. Do some research into the kinds of trucks, what each one features and the method for safely securing vehicles to these trucks. It is likely that you need a clean driving record before a company will offer you a job, and even if you intend to open your own towing service, having a clean driving record will help get all the right certifications.

Most truck driving schools offer classes to help you become a tow operator. All required certification is included in these courses, but be prepared because the enrolment fees are not cheap. If you not want to enrol, you can get your commercial driver’s license from the Motor Vehicle Department just by taking a written exam and a driving test. You will have to get your own vehicle for the test, so research what is necessary. Once you have your CDL, you need to research the certification needed and find out where to get these. These activities cost money, so research the prices, and make a budget.

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