A Towing Service’s Tips on Purchasing a Vehicle Dolly

Vehicle dollies are used to help a towing service move vehicles from one place to another. They could be used on cars, boats, motorcycles, and other large objects. Car rental companies have had a long history using vehicle dollies, which they use to move their cars from one place to the next, all without adding extra mileage, wear and tear to their rentals. Motor homes also use vehicle dollies to tow a vehicle while travelling.

There are two main kinds of vehicle dollies, these are caster and tow style. The caster ones are placed under each of a car’s wheels. Since vehicle dollies are used for several different vehicles, they come in various sizes. Caster style dollies that have large caster can move up to 1,500lbs or even more. Special ball bearing, durable caster vehicle dollies can carry anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000lbs.

Caster style ones are made of heavy duty steel which is capable of holding the weight of a vehicle as well as the pressure put on it while the vehicle is moving. Despite their size and durability, caster vehicle dollies ensure it is possible to easily transport a vehicle through tight spaces which the vehicle wouldn’t usually be able to fit through.

Tow style dollies are created to connect to another vehicle. They are a close resemblance to a cart, providing for mobility when a vehicle is switched off. These dollies are used by a towing service to tow such items as cars, snowmobiles, and even tractors. Normally, tow style dollies have two wheels that have an attached platform with ramps. The tow style dolly is still being used today; however, newer designs now have swivel plates which guarantee a smoother ride when towing.

Vehicle dollies come with or without a brake system. Careful thought must be taken when deciding whether to buy a vehicle dolly that has a brake system. Should one be bought with no braking system, it is very expensive to add one.

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