Flatbed versus Local Tow Truck Dolly Solutions

There is a huge debate amongst local tow truck services, which is better, a dolly or a flatbed? So what are the advantages and disadvantages of dollies and flatbed towing trucks?

Dolly Towing

This is a simple process, usually used when a vehicle cannot use all four wheels. The dolly is a device that is placed between the 2 front or back wheels. Using hydraulics, it lifts the car off the ground thus allowing the truck to pull the car behind it.


Price. The biggest benefit to using a dolly comes from the price of such a lightweight truck. This is just one of the reasons these trucks are still popular and are a strong contender against flatbed trucks.

Manoeuvrability. A dolly can manoeuvre beside a vehicle and can be on its way again, with the vehicle in tow, in a matter of minutes.


Weight. A dolly is constructed to only tow lightweight vehicles. Most economy cars are okay on a dolly truck, but a large SUV or truck is less likely to be completely secured.

Wear and tear. A dolly requires a car to remain on 2 wheels. Should you be towing the car a long distance, the vehicle get wear and tear, and other mishaps can easily happen while travelling in this manner.


Flatbed towing is the best way to tow any vehicle. A long steel truck that rises and lowers, allowing a vehicle to be pulled up onto its back, and remain on all 4 wheels.


Safety. A vehicle secured on the flatbed truck will remain on it, its getting no extra wear and tear as it travels.
Versatility. A flatbed can carry any vehicle. So, this means that weight and size are not a problem.
Speed. If the driver is trained, he will be able to load a car onto the flatbed just as fast as a dolly rig.


Price. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage with a flatbed local tow truck is the price of operating it.

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