Transporting heavy and bulky loads, whether it’s a camper, boat or anything else which can be connected to the rear of a tow vehicle, can be tricky. Driving a vehicle that has another set of wheels behind it is much different than driving a vehicle by itself, so there are a few issues you have to bear in mind when towing. Minor overlooked details could make it a bumpy ride, and potentially damage the load you’re towing; larger, more important problems could result in serious accidents, such as jackknifing or flipping over. So if you don’t feel that confident about towing another vehicle, call in your local tow truck service just to be on the safe side.

Have you ever driven a big truck or any car that does not have a rear-view mirror, then you will understand how important side-view mirrors are. Without being able to see the cars which are behind you, moving lanes just become much more dangerous to do.

Side-view mirrors come in two kind, these are regular and extended. Regular mirrors are like the ones you will expect to see on a car or truck, these help you see traffic all around you. Extended ones, however, allow drivers see rear and side traffic. They’re normally bigger and taller than standard ones, and vital should you be towing a vehicle which is wider than yours.


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