What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down and You Are Waiting For Your Local Tow Truck Company

Procedures of what to do while you are waiting for your local tow truck company. If your vehicle starts to have problems while you’re driving, if possible, try to get to the shoulder of the road, especially if you’re travelling on a highway. Try to coast on the shoulder until you’re safely away from curves in the road.

If it’s dark, put the interior lights making you more visible. Should the engine still be operable, keep it running this is so you don’t flatten the battery.

Roll down the window and hang out a white cloth or paper, then roll the window back to secure it, this alerts drivers that your vehicle is in trouble, and they should drive around you.

If you know that you’re going to need a local tow truck company, use your cell phone to contact your auto club or highway patrol, should you not have a phone, look for an emergency call box, and use it to call for help, get back in the car, and lock all the doors.

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To avoid being hit, never work on your vehicle from the side exposed to traffic users. If its daylight, put on your hazard lights to alert traffic that your vehicle isn’t moving. If its night and you’re not in traffic, place warning lights about six feet behind the car to alert road users, and get back in the car.

Should you have a flat tire, do not try to change it unless the tire is on the side of the vehicle that’s away from traffic.
Driving whilst having a flat tire can destroy the tire, and you need to replace the tire as soon as you realize you have one. This is one good reason why having roadside assistance service is an excellent idea.

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