Flares are universally understood as an emergency distress beacon letting oncoming traffic know there is a problem or a life threatening situation up ahead.

Flares create a barrier around disabled vehicles, police cars and the likes from oncoming traffic. They are also used to move traffic around disabled vehicles, roadway obstructions, or an accident scene. They will also signal to oncoming traffic that your vehicle has broken down and to go around it while you wait for your roadside assistance to show up.

The brilliant and totally unique flickering of flares is bright enough to be visible even at great distances, however, they are not so distracting as to confuse passing vehicles.

Flares are created to be self consuming, so the user will not have to re-enter a hot zone to get them back. Flares can be used to signal an emergency in the day or night, and in any weather conditions.

Reasons Why Americans Rely on Flares as Opposed to the Alternatives

Flares work in every known environmental condition, even such adverse conditions like fog or snow blizzards. No other alternative product signals an emergency quite like a flare, as everyone knows there is some sort of situation or emergency when you see a flare.

Due to the fact flares are self consuming, safety professionals and individuals do not have to take any extra risk with retrieving them from dark or dangerous roadways, unlike some of their counterparts.

Flares are also self contained. Which means they don’t require batteries, a separate light source or anything to allow them to work properly. They are designed solely for emergency situations.


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