Never use damaged or frayed cables on the tow truck. Get familiar with the different kinds of cable damage. Inspect every cable used with a recovery operation for damage and wear before beginning to tow.

Never think your local tow truck can tow loads the same as the tow rating. Tow ratings are applicable to loads during recovery with the truck correctly stabilized.

Never totally unwind all the cable from a winch while it is loaded. Keep back a minimum of three turns around the drum.

Make sure the wheel-lift is extended enough to permit clearance when turning. Take note and avoid any electrical lines when lifting your boom.

Never tow a vehicle on its front wheels. First, make sure the steering wheel has been secured with the front wheels pointing straight ahead. Check manufacturer specifications before towing drive wheels.

Never allow on lookers within the area when doing recovery work

Never place your finger inside the extension lock holes of rear jacks, booms, outboard legs, towing slings and hitches, etc. Make sure all locking pins are engaged when using any extension.

Never unlock outboard or jack extension legs without first checking the area beneath them and making sure that everything is clear. Pay close attention to ensuring your feet are away from this area.

Never use a local tow truck which is not correctly maintained. Make sure that the wrecker mounting bolts are screwed or locked tight, the cable is in excellent condition, and any moving parts are lubricated.


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