What Does a Roadside Assistance and Towing Service Do Exactly?

Roadside assistance and towing service is provided to a person whose vehicle has a broken down or has suffered some sort of mechanical failure on the road. Roadside service is offered to a motorist’s usually with their insurance policy, through companies like AAA. It may be given to a person via their credit card company or when you buy tires or a new car.

Emergency roadside help covers several problems a motorist may experience on the road. Such as flat tires, getting locked out, mechanical failure, out of fuel or even dead batteries. In such situations, contractors of the  company will come to the car and help in taking care of, or if possible, repairing the problem. The steps they take will depend on what the problems are.

A driver that gets a flat tire can expect someone from the roadside assistance company to come and change their tire. If the motorist doesn’t have a spare, the roadside expert will drive the motorist to an authorized place to get their tire repaired. The cost of repairing the tire is paid for by the motorist, however, there is normally no charge for the transportation given.

Keys that are locked inside a car can be gotten out by roadside service experts. Approved tools are used to gain entrance to the car to retrieve the keys. However, should the driver lose his keys, a professional locksmith is sent to re-key the car. The driver is responsible for the price of the locksmith and new keys.

Should a driver experience mechanical failure whilst on the road, he can contact his roadside assistance and towing service provider. They will send a tow truck to take the driver and vehicle to a facility, usually within a certain radius to repair the car. The driver isn’t responsible for the price of the tow, as it should be covered within the service plan. They are responsible for the repairs to their vehicle.

In case of a flat or dead battery, a roadside assistance service will dispatch someone to jump start the car. It isn’t necessary for the motorist to have jump leads. Most professionals will clean the battery terminals and jump start the car. There is no charge for this service.

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