How to Ensure Your Local Tow Truck Service Doesn’t Take Your Car

Do you panic when you think your car will be towed away without you knowing? If, for any reason, you think your car could be in danger from your local tow truck service, below are some tips which will make it harder for a tow truck operator to do his job. These methods could just make a tow truck move to the next vehicle or at least buy you time to get to your car’s rescue. Although these tips will not make your car totally un-towable, nothing is un-towable with effort and the right equipment. They can make it difficult, so most tow truck drivers will report to their company that your car is un-towable.

When a car is getting towed, it should have all its drive wheels raised off the ground, or else some serious damage could be done to its transmission or other components.

It doesn’t get any easier for a local tow truck service than when they simply back their truck up to your car, attach chains to your drive wheels, then lift them up, and simply drive away with your remaining two wheels rolling. Most of the tips here have to do with forcing a tow truck driver to go that little bit extra to lift up all the wheels, and creating enough complications so they just don’t bother. For this reason alone, it is crucial to know if your vehicle is a front or rear wheel drive.

Front-wheel drive is when the engine powers only the front wheels, and the back spin freely, this is the most common configuration with today’s cars, and if you aren’t sure what you have, find out.

Rear-wheel is the opposite, when the power is given to the rear wheels, the front wheels spin freely.

One good tip to prevent your vehicle from being towed is to park it as close to the pavement as you can, doing this will make it harder for the tow truck operator to attach anything to your wheels.

Another trick is to park your car underneath a large tree which has low overhanging branches, this again will make it harder for a towing company to lift your car up, without causing damage from the tree.

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