If you are unfortunate enough and your car breaks down, it can be hard or even potentially dangerous to stop, more so if you are on a highway. When possible, get your car off the road, warn other drivers that you are there by turning on your hazard lights. Note, highway hard shoulders are usually for emergency use. Use them if there is no other option. It is illegal to stop there to use the toilet, read your map, or speak on your cell phone.

If possible, leave the highway at the next possible junction or go to the closest services.

Hard shoulder
If you have no choice but to go onto the hard shoulder, take the following steps.

Try to go to your closest SOS telephone.
Stop on to the hard shoulder, and go as far left as you can turning your wheels to the left, and put on your handbrake. When waiting for your roadside assistance to arrive, follow the following rules.

Turn on your side and hazard lights.
In bad visibility, switch on your fog lights.
Ensure that all the passengers leave the vehicle using the left hand side door.
Leave pets inside the vehicle unless you can keep them under control.
Put any reflective jackets on.
Never try to perform repairs.
Never use warning triangles.
Go up the bank or behind a barrier.
Keep all children under close control.


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