Whatever your reasons for needing or using a professional flatbed towing trailer, the chances are that you will be towing quite a heavy load. Often, this load can be very heavy. Should you be towing vehicles, you have the possibility of the vehicle rolling to add to the scenario. Basically, whenever you use a flatbed, you’d need to take more precaution with how you put the load on.

You have to ensure your load is fasten securely before you can hit the road. If you not do this, you could end up losing your entire load.

Popular tie down accessories

Nylon strap
This is a reinforced strap used mainly to secure loads. They come in different widths and lengths.

Basket strap
These are web like nylon straps which cover wheels and can be hooked or attached to eyelets.

These are nylon straps that have steel hooks on each end to hook onto parts beneath the a vehicle’s undercarriage.

These are steel ratcheting mechanism that use nylon straps to fasten and secure a load.

Should nylon not be available, use chains. The same accessories above also come in chain forms.

Most professional flatbed towing trailers come with their own accessories; however, it is always best to be safe than sorry. So if you are unsure of a load, make sure to use any of the above for better protection and safety.


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