On occasion, vehicles will break down and a roadside assistance and towing service will have to be called out.
Years ago, it wasn’t an uncommon sight to see a friend, family member, towing a stranded vehicle home for a driver. However, nowadays, this is a rare sight to see, and for good reason to.
Towing methods are more sophisticated than they once were. So sophisticated in fact, that there are more rules than ever before.
So, no, towing isn’t such a simple procedure any more, where someone hooks a rope or chain on the front bumper of a car and tows it home.
In fact, if there’s a key factor thing to keep in mind on towing, and that is you should always ensure to follow the owner’s manual, and make sure the tow truck operator does also. Should he refuse, call out another roadside assistance and towing service. Otherwise, you could risk of damaging your vehicle.
These days, there is more emphasis placed on safety when towing, with the knowledge that there’s a strong potential for injury or death when performing towing manoeuvres.
DIY towed vehicles don’t come with lights and flashers which tow-truck drivers have to alert other drivers that they’re approaching a broken down car. So other drivers can drive up quickly at the back of these vehicles and inadvertently rear-end them, since they are not keeping up with traffic.


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