Will Your Local Towing Service Vehicle Be Equipped with a Tow Winch?

A tow winch is a tool used to tow or haul cars and heavy items. It is usually seen mounted at the rear of your local towing service vehicle; however, in other usages, the tow winch could be attached onto any logical and strong location. Professionals use this tool for towing trucks and wreckers because the cable is used for attaching to any disabled vehicle and hauling it forward on its own rear wheels or on a towing truck’s flat bed. A cable that is wrapped around a drum can be extracted or detracted when needed to achieve towing.

Some local towing service truck models have a tow winch attached to the front of a truck bed, a boom arm is attached to the truck itself, and the cable from the tow winch runs from the drum over the top of the boom. This permits the driver to mount the damaged vehicle to the tow truck, which lifts the front of the vehicle off the ground while leaving the rear on the ground. This process could be reversed so the back wheels are up and the front part is left on the ground. The configuration depends upon the damage to the vehicle and if the vehicle is front or rear driven.

Wreckers are special tow trucks that have a big, flat bed that can be raised up so the rear tilts down toward the ground. A tow winch that is mounted at the front allows one or two cables to be brought down to the damaged vehicle, the cables can be retracted then, which will pull the damaged vehicle onto the bed. Once the vehicle is in a safe position, the operator can lower the front of the bed, thus raising the damaged vehicle off the ground and on the bed.

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