Towing Service Advice and Mistakes Not to Make

If your vehicle has to be helped by a towing service, think about the following to protect both your vehicle and wallet.

Always be prepared, you could already have a reliable towing service via your auto insurance company. Auto clubs and credit card companies also offer this service.

The choice is entirely yours, should your car be involved in an accident, you should always have the choice to contact your own tow truck service, and choose where your car is taken to, whether to a body shop or your home.

Get a break down of all charges, the towing service should always give you an itemized breakdown of their charges and include information on how you get your car back. Look to see how much is being charged for storage, what charges are listed, and look for a physical address, business hours and phone number of the yard.

Be careful what you sign, some towing companies include language authorizing a certain number of days of storage, or repairs at a shop of their choice. Towing companies don’t usually do this as a requirement of providing their services.

Be suspicious of good Samaritans, some towing scams begin with passer-by’s who offer to contact a towing service just to be of help.

Know the law, know there are laws that say what a towing service may and may not do when towing your car, doing your homework will save you aggravation and money.

Don’t leave the car. If you have to leave your car next to the Safeguard personal information don’t give tow truck service your insurance information or personal information.

It is your responsibility to be familiar with your rights regarding a towing service, understand the state and local laws, and your insurance policy in the event that towing or storage is required.

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