Will a Towing Service Have ATV Haulers?

ATV hauler transport all-terrain vehicles using either a towing service or a pickup truck. Different kinds of ATV haulers are available, some made to transport ATVs at one given time, whilst other can only carry one. Maybe the most basic kind of hauler is a trailer which is attached to a towing vehicle with the help of a tow hitch and receiver mechanism. These trailers could be big enough to fit up to three and even four ATVs, while smaller ones will only fit a maximum of two.

Enclosed trailers are haulers which protect vehicles from the weather whilst in transport and provide an enclosure which prevents theft or any tampering. Enclosed trailers are usually larger and heavier than open or flatbed trailers; however, they can be locked and other equipment could be stored within these haulers. Tools for repairs, for instance, can be stored in this unit and accessories or replacement parts which could be needed during a trip. Most of these come with drop down ramps which means that the loading and unloading process will be very easy. Open and flatbed trailers could also have drop down ramps.

Pick up trucks are used for hauling ATVs; however, the loading and unloading, as well as storing more than one ATV, is a tricky process. ATV haulers have been designed to house pick up truck transport. These haulers are set on a truck’s bed, normally on level with the top of the bed, not the bottom.

If more than one ATV has to be transported, the haulers are mounted so that ATVs are stored perpendicular to the truck. Ramps will fix onto the hauler frames so the user can just drive the ATV up on the bed safely and easily. This type of design has been likened to vehicles used in a professional towing service, and in some cases, it has been used for this express purpose.

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