When Will a Towing Service Be Called to Haul Away Abandoned Cars?

Vehicle abatement are programs that are created to haul away abandoned cars. The programs are usually government funded; nonetheless, towing service companies are sometimes included in the process. For instance, in Sacramento, California, processing abated vehicles is done by Code Enforcement. This department, however, may enlist the help of a private towing service to perform the job.

Vehicle abatement is not like traffic enforcement, even though towing does happen in both of these situations. When a traffic violation happens, vehicles can be towed away, after which, the owner of the vehicle can take his vehicle back. Vehicle abatement is a method that gets rid of vehicles that are unwanted. Law officials are sometimes responsible for beginning the abatement process. A police officer, for instance, could notice that a car has not been moved for a certain period of time. The program is facilitated by the general public also. When this happens, people inform the appropriate authorities about a vehicle that could have been abandoned.

Authorities will not consider abatement if the vehicle does not violate any codes. This requirement stops authorities from being responsible for calling in a towing service to take away vehicles that are on private property. Even if a vehicle is eligible for abatement, other steps are taken before removing it.

It is common for officials to do what they can to make sure that the abandoned vehicle was not stolen or left. They use the VIN or license plate to find out who the owner is. If there is a strong belief that the vehicle is abandoned, then it will be tagged for removal.

Tagging means an indicator is put on the vehicle, signifying that it will be taken away. The vehicle is left for a certain time, thus allowing the owner to claim it if it was not abandoned. After this period ends and the vehicle has not been moved, then it is towed away.

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