What Are the Different Kinds of Emergency Towing Service Vehicle Parts?

A wrecker is a vehicle used in emergency towing service jobs, they transport other vehicles that are damaged or unable to be moved from their current position. This big vehicle is similar to tow trucks in that it removes vehicles, but the design of a wrecker can be quite different from that of a standard tow truck. Some of its parts include the deck, winch, hydraulic lift, truck cab and the frame itself. Other parts include a winch cable, hook, tool boxes that have the necessary hand tools to aid with the towing process and any emergency lights.

The most recognizable parts are found at the back of the vehicle. The deck is a flat surface which disabled vehicles will sit on during the transport. This is made from high-quality steel for strength and durability. Underneath the deck, other parts are used to raise up or low down the deck. A hydraulic lift is placed onto the frame of the vehicle, and to the underneath of the deck, when this lift is on, the front part of the deck is raised up, so the rear of the deck is tipped down. This action allows the operator to haul up the vehicle from the floor up onto the deck using the winch.

The winch is placed on the front of the deck. This has a long cable wrapped round a drum. When the drum, which is also attached to a frame, rotates, the cable comes out so it can be fixed onto the disabled vehicle. When the drum rotates back, the cable is then retracted, thus successfully pulling the disabled vehicle onto the deck. Once the vehicle is positioned, the hydraulic arm is lowered, thus returning the deck back to its horizontal position.

Other parts are used for the safe keeping of the operator and passing motorists. Emergency lights are placed on the roof of the truck, as well as the rear. Chains and hooks are then used to secure the vehicle in place once it is in position. So the only big difference between the 2 emergency towing service vehicles is one has a flat bed, and the other pulls the disabled vehicle behind it.

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