Do You Need a Special Licence to Work for a Towing Service

To use a tow truck to provide a towing service, you will need a tow truck licence. This licence is not for the individual, but for the vehicle. There are only a limited number of licences, and these can be bought from pre-existing licence holders. The issue of any extra new licences can only be given by the Minister for Roads. Tow truck towing Licences never expire and will be in force until they are cancelled, given back or suspended.

Any new issues of these licences will be published for people to read and obtain and are available by either tender or a fixed cost. Applications can be sent to the local governing body, and applicants will be told if they are approved or refused within a year after the closing date for applicants.

There are 2 kinds of tow truck licences, regular and heavy tow truck licences.

Standard towing service licence

A tow truck given a standard licence can only provide an accident towing service to cars of a certain weight, thus allowing the tow truck to safely tow it, this is all subject to the conditions put on the licence. This basically means that the truck can tow cars or other vehicles it is capable of towing, where allowed by the licence terms and conditions.

Heavy truck licence

A tow truck that has a heavy tow truck licence can give accident towing services to vehicles of a vehicle mass of 4 tonnes or above. This means that a heavy tow truck is not allowed to tow a car, truck or other vehicle less than 4 tonnes.

Obtaining or disposing of said licence

Extra accident towing licences can only be given by the Minister for Roads. There are no plans right now to issue new licences. However, it is possible to get an agreement from another party to transfer their existing licence so long as the transfer is approved.

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